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Since every project is different (access, conditions and custom work), Eminent Pavers provides further on-site inspections to generate final price quotes, at absolutely no cost to you.
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Why use pavers for a driveway?

Installing driveway pavers for your home instantly adds safety, durability, aesthetic appeal and increases the value. Driveway pavers are much stronger than concrete and overall a better option. We work with only the top paving stone manufacturers in Southern California.

The most important advantages about driveway pavers is the ease of maintenance. Many times customers need to dig under the driveway in order to replace broken utilities (sewer line, water line, electrical, gas…). With pavers, you can easily remove the area of concern and after you’re done, reinstall the pavers as if it never happened. There are no scars or marks, and the cost is fairly low.

Our Driveway Pavers Recommendations

Although there is a large variety of pavers that can be used for driveways, we recommend the Angelus Castle Cobble, Angelus Courtyard and Belgard Mega Lafitt pavers. Based off our experience and knowledge, these pavers are the most common and highly recommended for driveways.

What additional costs may be added to my driveway paver installation?

While we provide you with a starting price for your paving stone driveway installation, in some projects there may be additional services and products that can be required, such as the following:
Geo-Fabric: Although optional, we recommend geo-fabric to increase the durability of your (usually at an additional cost of $0.60 per square foot). Geo-fabric is a base layer that serves to prevent the gravel base we use in our paver installation from mixing with your home’s native soil and will reduce the likelihood of rutting.
80mm pavers: While standard paving stones are 60mm in thickness, we also offer 80mm pavers that provide the pinnacle of strength and resilience. These pavers are ideal for driveways expected to endure particularly heavy traffic, such as that from fire trucks or motorhomes.
Tree and plant root removal: A failure to properly remove all tree and plant roots from the area of your future driveway pavers installation can effect the integrity of your paving stone installation at some point in the future.
Utility lines: Water, sewer, and/or electrical lines may need to be serviced or relocated. This is a fantastic opportunity to replace leaking or old lines!.
Grading: If you already have or asphalt, then the area is level. But if there’s a slope or soil bumps, then grading is necessary to remove the extra soil. This process requires an additional cost due to extra labor and the use of materials such as trucks needed to haul away and dump the extra soil. The additional fees include truck, dump and delivery fees.
Paver Cutting: In a project where the design involves multiple cuts, curves, borders, steps and , there are extra paver cuts that need to be discarded. More time and materials are required to accommodate for these custom designs, resulting in an additional cost to your project.

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