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Belgard Pavers manufacturers strong pavers with a lifetime warranty

Belgard Pavers is a local manufacturer, with national distribution. They are passionate about creating an environment for families to make memories, spend time with friends, and relax in a beautiful outdoor setting. They’re committed to high level craftsmanship that puts smiles on their customer’s faces.

Belgard Pavers spends over 20,000 hours every year on research and development, to ensure that they manufacture the best possible products. This has led to the creation of some of the most durable pavers on the market, including Mega Lafitt and Mega Arbel pavers.

Why Eminent Pavers works with Belgard Pavers Manufacturer?

Eminent Pavers has been designated as a Belgard Master Craftsman for quality pavers installation! This honor is only given to the best of the best in the pavers industry and as an authorized Belgard contractor, we are thrilled to have been named with this honor. If you want a Belgard paver installation – Eminent Pavers is the BEST answer. Understanding the dynamics of working with superior Belgard products enables us to deliver quality results that exceed our customers expectations. Both Belgard and Eminent Pavers are known for having exceptional customer service. If you want the best, work with the best. Call us today for your . Our Eminent Pavers designers can create an extraordinary space, using custom Belgard pavers.

Belgard Mega Arbel - The best alternative to Flagstone

Belgard has produced the most spectacular, strongest, pavers on the market today. Their resemble natural flagstone more than any other paver. Their shape is rustic, natural and unique, while being the strongest paver with a thickness of 80mm. Traditional , creating the need for constant maintenance. Belgard’s innovative designers have solved this problem by developing a revolutionary product line that delivers the appearance of Flagstone with phenomenal durability and strength. For the highest quality in Belgard pavers installation, be sure to trust Eminent Pavers.

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