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Angelus Paving Stones is one of the oldest Pavers Manufacturer in the USA

Paving stones are glamorous exuding the old world charm of European villages and country gardens. Pavers, in their current state, have only been manufactured since 1941.

Angelus Pavers started manufacturing paving stones and blocks in 1946 and have carefully honed their craft ever since. This family owned company has a location in Rialto and Oxnard, California, where they produce high quality, exquisite paving stones.

Why Eminent Pavers works with Angelus Pavers Manufacturer?

Beyond producing beautiful pavers, they have an eye for detail and continue to innovate in the area of durability and sustainability. You can depend on Angelus Pavers to manufacture paving stones with rustic beauty, strength, and consistency – all from a local company. You can also depend on Eminent Pavers for the most durable and quality Angelus Pavers installation. Eminent Pavers is a trusted, preferred Angelus .

Angelus Pavers Pricing

If you love pavers, and desire them in your home, Angelus provides a way to have what you want for a lower price. Homeowners on a budget can shop for our paver specials, listed directly online and obtain an Angelus Pavers installation price instantly. You can compare the pavers cost per square foot to determine the total cost of your project. Their pavers are consistently priced lower than the competition, so you can afford to have a large installed or do a patio and project at the same time. Homeowners can buy local and save money, the perfect combination for environmentally conscious homeowners.

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