Pavers VS Flagstone

Why choose pavers over flagstone

The discerning homeowner often poses the question, “Should I upgrade my property with flagstone or pavers?” As an industry-leading and top-rated , Eminent Pavers is committed to providing you with all the facts—up front—to enable you to make the most well-informed purchasing decision. As such, we believe the advantages of pavers over flagstone are important to note. Read more below about pavers vs flagstone and why pavers win every time.

Advantages of pavers

Pavers hold substantial advantages over traditional flagstone including:


Pavers offer vast customization in , and color, allowing you to establish a remarkably luxurious appearance for your home. And with pavers, the look will last! While flagstone has traditionally been very popular, it isn’t very durable and homeowners that installed it have ended up with maintenance challenges that directly affect its appearance. Also, since flagstone is a natural product, color choices are limited. If the look of natural flagstone is what you want, we carry several “flagstone pavers” that have the natural stone of flagstone with the durability of pavers and each comes in a variety of color and texture options.


Pavers are considerably easier to maintain than flagstone, and are much more durable. Pavers stand up to traffic considerably better than flagstone. This is because flagstone is a sedimentary rock that is formed in layers. The effects of traffic, sun exposure, and moisture causes these layers to begin to shed, creating cracks and chips. And with pavers, should repairs be needed, the individual paving stones can simply be replaced. When dealing with flagstone, there can be difficulty in locating the precise matching stone to replace damaged sections.


At Eminent Pavers we’re committed to only offering the longest-lasting materials. That’s why we only team up with paving stone manufacturers that unquestionably stand by their products. The Angelus, Olsen, and we offer all come with lifetime warranties to protect you against damages. Although flagstone is susceptible to chips and cracks, this type of warranty for that surface just isn’t offered.


Pavers promise to support maintenance costs that are lower overall than flagstone solutions. Further, the gorgeous stylistic elements and incredible durability paving stones add to your homes hardscapes will also boost your property value..


The exceptional benefits pavers provide over flagstone cannot be any more clear-cut. With so many under our belt, it’s undeniable that Eminent Pavers is Southern California’s leading contractor for paving projects.

Disadvantages of flagstone

Disadvantages of Cracked Flagstone
  • Flagstones are a form of natural stone that are not very strong. In time, the top layers will chip and crack, potentially causing injury by cutting your feet.
  • The concrete grout used between the flagstones will being to crack in time and the required repairs will be very obvious.
  • If one flagstone cracks, stains, or breaks, it is difficult to remove and replace the damaged portion. Not only is it difficult to find the precisely matching stone, the replacement will have to be cut to the exact shape and size as the damaged piece.
  • Flagstones are not flexible like pavers. When the soil underneath shifts, the flagstone will break. Pavers, on the other hand, shift with the earth’s movement.
  • Maintenance—in pool areas, driveways, patios, or walkways where a plumbing repair is required, with pavers it easy to pull out the affected section and fix or replace any pipes. With flagstone, however, the installation is on top of a concrete slab. As such, it is impossible to remove the flagstones out without damaging them, resulting in a much higher cost of repair.
  • Cost—the cost of installing flagstone is higher due to the fact that a concrete slab must first be installed, after which the flagstone is installed on top of it, including the grout required to secure the material. As such, there is a substantial amount of additional labor and material involved in the installation process.
  • Upkeep—it is a MUST to apply sealer over flagstone in order to make sure that the stone will not fall apart with time.


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