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Beyond having the industry leading inventory of quality interlocking pavers from all the . Our professional experienced staff can help you arrive at the perfect design and pattern for your paving stone project that satisfies both your budget and imagination.
Using cutting edge technology and first in class interlocking paver designs. Here’s a few eye catching and popular paver patterns and paver finishes that our customers rave about.

Circular pavers patterm

Laid in rows to form its namesake, the circular pattern is most often used for driveways and patios. Other paving stone los angeles patterns can border the original circular template and we’re more than happy to install quarter and half circles as you wish.

Herringbone pavers pattern

This is a popular choice for outdoor areas. Laying the in opposite directions at either a 45 or 90 degree angle creates an appealing “V” shape that’s durable in high traffic areas like walkways, driveways and patios and popular for its lasting strength. As your los angeles patio paver of choice, we’ll provide a free estimate to get the process started today.

Basketweave pavers pattern

This alluring design combines vertical and horizontal pairs for a vintage look and feel that parallel the namesake. The style mimics Old World landscaping and there’s no need for cutting any of the interlocking pavers used. A great way to make your outdoor patio more inviting, the Basketweave Pattern is also great for since first impressions are everything.

Running bond pavers pattern

Simple, visually effective and easy to install, patio pavers are laid side by side here in a linear pattern that makes smaller areas appear larger. Remember all the products we use come from the top names in the industry and each and every installation job is overseen by a dedicated ICPI certified project manager. Using Eminent Pavers means you leave nothing to chance.

I Pavers pattern

By now, you’ve more than likely caught on to the fact that the patio pavers we use can be installed in a variety of different ways to create a myriad of visually stunning patterns, motifs and designs. Paver designs like this one often use a repeating pattern which is in this case a series of six stones arranged like the letter mentioned. The I Pattern creates a stunning symmetry that works wonders for and driveways.

Ashler pavers pattern

This eye catching design is characterized by patio pavers cut to different specifications. The resulting random series of different lengths fit together in an interesting and soothing mosaic perfect for driveway pavers, and other areas where you want to combine the beauty and durability of our high quality paving stone products.

Popular paver finishes

The full experience is what you’ll get when you choose us to . We want your vision to come to life regardless of whether you want patio stones, driveway pavers or something for around your pool deck. The texture you select is important and we have an industry leading selection to choose from including:


These stones have an attractive groove running around the edges. They are both elegant and sophisticated. are excellent options for your garden area or pool deck. Replacing these stones is a snap, because they are bevelled on either side. Bevelled detailing creates a small border around the top of each stone that sets each and every one apart from each other but creates an appealing symmetry.


Almost all pavers can be tumbled since this is a process designed to make these pavers look older than they are. Great for the cobblestone historical look. can create a wonderful medieval charm and the distressed look creates a striking opposite to the clear cut defined edges of the non tumbled variety.

Flat Top (Smooth)

Like the name suggests, these are the concrete pavers that most closely resemble the bricks used in older homes. These are the stones that come from and are perfect for driveways. These often have a rugged worn look that doesn’t affect their versatility or durability and have a traditional pockmarked appearance that mimics the historic streets of places like Chicago.


Some of the textured pavers selections are produced naturally, while others are a product of specific processes the manufacturers’ put the paving stones through. We have a wide selection to choose from including choices for safety and aesthetic reasons. These offer excellent durability and contemporary flair.
are the smart choice for homeowners looking for that natural touch. There are many different colors and designs available. Textured paving stones can have a historical flair or be modern and chic depending on your needs.

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