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At Eminent Pavers, we work with only the top pavers manufacturers in Southern California. Read more about each pavers manufacturer, see top selling products, view completed project pictures and get prices per square foot for your new pavers installation.

Here are our top concrete pavers manufacturers:

Top Pavers Manufacturer Angelus Logo

Angelus Pavers Manufacturer

Angelus has been manufacturing paving stone since 1946 and is one of the oldest pavers manufacturers in the U.S. Angelus Pavers provides a variety of styles to choose from at a very affordable price. Ranging from rustic designs to unique basketweave patterns. Angelus Pavers are an excellent option for home owners that are drawn to complex patterns and interesting designs.

Top pavers manufacturer Belgard logo

Belgard Pavers Manufacturer

Belgard produces gorgeous, natural looking stone pavers that have graced outdoor spaces throughout North America. They spend over 20,000 hours in research and development every year to come out with the latest and greatest products. They only work with trained and certified dealers, like Eminent Pavers, to make sure customers get the highest level of service and expertise. Belgard has a reputation as a concrete pavers manufacturer of producing extremely high quality paver stones.

Top pavers manufacturer Olsen logo

Olsen Pavers Manufacturer

This family owned concrete pavers manufacturer is based in Southern California but originated in Denmark in 1971. Olsen specializes in interlocking concrete paving stones and produce over 30 shapes and colors, giving customers a wide variety to choose from. They have done extensive testing for LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) purposes, making them an ideal source for pavers projects. They can also manufacture special pavers upon request as well.

Top pavers manufacturer Orco logo

Orco Pavers Manufacturer

Orco has been a concrete pavers manufacturer in Southern California for over 60 years. They have a history of producing high quality and durable products. They have been designed to mirror the old stepping stones found throughout Europe. One of the many reasons we like Orco is the option to order their products in separate sizes compared to combo sets that come with a variety of sizes pre-selected. This way home owners can select 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 sizes! For home owners that want flexibility, Orco pavers is an ideal solution.

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