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Since every project is different (access, conditions and custom work), Eminent Pavers provides further on-site inspections to generate final price quotes, at absolutely no cost to you. .
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Why use pavers for a walkway or patio?

Pavers are a great option for your home’s patio and walkways. Not only are they beautiful, they’re both strong and durable, giving you a long lasting area to enjoy.

Patio pavers provide flexibility and creative opportunities that are unmatched by concrete. Enhance your home’s outdoor living spaces with a backyard paving design. In addition, patio pavers provide simple and easy maintenance.

Our Patio & Walkway Pavers Recommendations

Although there is a large variety of pavers that can be used for your backyard, we recommend the Belgard Lafitt Grana Slab, Angelus Courtyard and Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab pavers. Based off our experience and knowledge, these pavers are the most common and highly recommended for patios and walkways.

What additional costs may be added to my patio or walkway paver installation?

While we provide you with a starting price for your paving stone walkway or patio installation, in some projects there may be additional services and products that can be required, such as the following:
Tree and plant root removal: Tree and plant roots that are left behind can negatively impact the longevity of your backyard pavers .
Access considerations: Patios that do not allow ample access for standard industry tools and machinery, such as trucks, forklifts and bobcats to move material (i.e. pavers, sand, base, tools, demolition and other materials), require additional manual labor and time. As a result, an additional cost will occur in your backyard installation.
Optional custom work: Patio pavers installation often comes with optional, custom work. You may be interested to include steps, walls, planters, and/or a fire pit.
Grading: If you already have or asphalt, then the area is level. But if there’s a slope or soil bumps, then grading is necessary to remove the extra soil. This process requires an additional cost due to extra labor and the use of materials such as trucks needed to haul away and dump the extra soil. The additional fees include truck, dump and delivery fees.
Paver Cutting: In a project where the design involves multiple cuts, curves, borders, steps and , there are extra paver cuts that need to be discarded. More time and materials are required to accommodate for these custom designs, resulting in an additional cost to your project.

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